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  • The highest standards in all of our sectors

    Newrest’s clients benefit from its expertise in catering.
  • Companies and administrations

    Newrest manages restaurant and cafeteria catering for numerous public and private companies.
  • Health

    Newrest manages meals for patients and staff in hospital centers and clinics.
  • Education

    Newrest manages a number of canteens and restaurants for teaching establishments.

Fork & knife - Newrest

Every day around the world, our clients benefit from Newrest Catering’s expertise and trust them to manage their restaurants
or canteens.

Meals - Newrest

Newrest Catering’s 6,100 employees, specially dedicated
to industrial catering, elaborate and serve more
than 214,000 meals every day
flèche Newrest Catering offers its know-how in 19 countries
all around the world
Newrest Catering serves 429 clients and institutions:
50.2% of our clients are companies, 30.2% schools and universities,
12.6% hospitals & clinics and 7% administrations
Newrest Catering is the reference of industrial catering
in North Africa: more than a half of total served meals are
produced in the North Africa division

Meals served - Newrest



Companies and administrations

A number of public and private companies, administrations and embassies have trusted Newrest Catering to manage their restaurant, cafeteria, or reception lounge. We are convinced that employees who consume their daily meal in a pleasant environment, while being able to choose from a selection of fresh, appetizing, and carefully presented products will be more efficient. Intellectual capacity and productivity are conditioned by the quality of the meal break.


Newrest Catering manages meals for patients and staff in hospital centers and clinics, as well as snacks, bars, and cafeterias for visitors (hospitality services).
We believe that good meals improve health and help sick patients recover. That is why our teams are attentive to the needs of each patient and scrupulously comply with dietary requirements.


Newrest Catering manages a number of refectories, canteens, restaurants, and hospitality services for teaching establishments including public and private elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. We know that children, adolescents and university students with a healthy, balanced, varied diet have a greater chance of intellectual success. We are fully aware of our responsibility to introduce children and youth to a variety of flavors.

Facility Management

In companies and hospitals, we offer our clients a mobile food and beverage service. We can also provide this type of service with a store in the establishment. In every country, our production units are ready to provide catered food tailored to your needs: meal trays, sandwiches, and any other meal requested.

A single standard

In all the establishments we manage, we are guided by an identical passion for excellence in all fields related to our management. Newrest Catering believes in the vital importance of nutrition and healthy eating. To this end, we hire qualified staff to collaborate with our clients and develop diverse menus.
With regard to food safety, continuous verification of the food manufacturing process is guaranteed by our scrupulous compliance with specifications. When we design our restaurants and canteens, our first priority is to make them as pleasant as possible. We believe that this aspect of our management expresses our ongoing passion for excellence with regard to the standard of living.

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