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… to our clients and consumers

In all our kitchens and restaurants, our employees ensure that consumers are served balanced, varied, tasty meals, while following hygiene standards to the letter.


  • 7,594 VIP meals served per day
  • 1,037 chefs employed by the Group
  • 28 ISO 9001 certified countries and 17 ISO 22000 certified countries


A passion for taste

At Newrest, we believe that a meal is more than just nutrition: it is an experience for the taste buds and an enjoyable moment of well-being.

Healthy nutrition

Newrest develops programs everywhere in partnership with its clients to promote healthy eating.

We have set up a nutrition campaign at our Catering and Remote sites, entitled ‘Marcel & Linda’ for adults and ‘Madeleine’ for children. A poster campaign is being run to build awareness among staff about healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and of preventing cardiovascular problems etc. Along with this information, consumers often receive a nutritional assessment.


  • 19,000 children trained in 2015/16 in the school catering sector
  • 58 nutrition campaigns in 2015/16
  • 100 % of our meals created by nutritionnists for Newrest Restauration

Optimal quality and hygiene Conditions

Newrest Group applies very strict Health and Quality standards required by
the Catering sector.

Newrest has developed a Quality Management system that includes very strict processes, taking into account all the stages involved in meal preparation. Our Quality Management system is an integrated one that enables the Group to acquire new certification when requested by clients in specific business markets.


  • 83 % of our turnover certified ISO 9001
  • 55 % of our turnover ISO 22000 certified
  • + 16 % of certifications between 2015 and 2016

Customer satisfaction

Newrest has implemented various means of identifying its customer satisfaction index.

For Inflight catering, Newrest Group created a shared database for all airlines where any reported incident could be listed. However, when Newrest is in direct contact with customers, as is the case at our Remote sites, personalized satisfaction surveys help identify any areas for improvement.


  • 80 % of client audits scored over 90%
  • 70 % of renewed contracts in countries in 2015/16

Operational optimisation and IT tools

To optimize its operations and increase responsiveness, Newrest uses specific computer software tools that improve daily work management. These tools are called ‘Winflight’ and ‘Winrest’.

To optimize its operations and increase responsiveness, Newrest uses specific computer software tools that improve daily work management. These tools are called ‘Winflight’ and ‘Winrest’.

  • Winflight

With this software, users can create menus for each airline company, print the corresponding recipe sheets, update needs according to seat occupancy on flights, manage stocks and the cost of foodstuff and offer menus tailored to each passenger’s dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.).

  • Winrest

Formerly known as ‘Unirest’, this software was designed for the Catering and Remote site businesses and enables teams to create detailed menus according to each client’s specific needs, create recipe sheets with the details of all required foods and to determine the nutritional impact of every dish. Since its implementation in 2012, teams have been able to optimize food stocks considerably. ‘Winrest’
is used in 60% of the countries where we have Catering and/or Remote site activities and should be rolled out in 80% of countries by the end of the year.

Newrest also develops specific IT tools while remaining in tune with the needs of its clients


  • 2,694 training hours on ‘Winflight’ and ‘Winrest’ in 2015/16
  • 75 % of countries use ‘Winflight’ and ‘Winrest’

A long-term vision

Newrest’s strategic choices are based on a global vision that includes taking calculated risks and promoting sustainable opportunities and long-term investments.

This year, Newrest celebrated its 10th anniversary and the company continues to promote a long-term vision of its activities on a managerial level. Newrest is constantly seeking to ensure transparency and fairness


For more information about our actions, please have a look on our activity report.

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