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… to our social environment

Newrest gets involved in the social environment of every country where the Group operates. Our compliance with the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has led us to support the initiatives carried out by NGOs in countries where we operate or to implement our own actions.


  • 4,800 individuals have benefited from Newrest charity (direct actions or donations)
  • 481 employees involved in social actions
  • 70 % of purchases within 150 km of the units

Buying local & collaborating with cooperatives

In order to support local products, Newrest has developed partnerships with agricultural cooperatives and local manufacturers all over the world.

The products purchased in cooperatives can represent up to 13% of purchases as has been the case in Morocco for 2 years. The products purchased from cooperatives are mostly fresh produce: fruits and vegetables, dairy products and eggs.


  • In 45% of our countries 100 % of purchases are made locally
  • Up to 13 % of local purchases come from cooperatives


Involvement in local communities

Everywhere the Newrest Group operates, it is involved in the life of local communities and the surrounding villages.

We hire staff from areas close to our operation sites and we implement training and collaboration to improve daily community life.


  • 88 % of our countries hire more than 95 % of their staff within local population
  • 26 actions were conduced in 2015/16 in local communities


Social responsibility

In the countries where it operates, Newrest Group is involved in social actions which are very important to the Group.

Social actions for children

For the last few years, Newrest Group has been committed to reducing its budget for advertorials and paid advertising, and has been using these savings for social initiatives, especially those that benefit children.


For more information about our actions, please have a look on our activity report.

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