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If you are looking for a group catering service for your company or organization, take a look at the wide range of solutions that Newrest Catering has to offer!

Newrest Catering offers its services to businesses, administrations, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, universities and schools. Over the years it has become a key player and a standard setter in group catering and the management of restaurants and canteens, particularly in North Africa.

Every day, the 6,700 highly skilled employees at Newrest Catering serve 186,000 meals for 455 clients in 26 countries. In all the establishments that it manages, and in every aspect of its work, it is guided by the same unwavering passion for excellence. Newrest Catering believes in the vital importance of nutrition and a healthy diet. Therefore, it hires qualified staff to help you create balanced and varied menus. When designing restaurants and canteens, its first priority is to make them as pleasant as possible. Newrest Catering believes that this aspect of its service reflects its ongoing passion for creating world-class living environments.

Companies and administrations

A number of public and private companies, administrations, and embassies trust Newrest Catering to manage their restaurant, cafeteria, or reception lounge. Newrest Catering is convinced that employees who are able to eat their lunch in pleasant surroundings, and choose from a wide selection of fresh, appetizing, and carefully presented products, will perform better at work. A good quality lunch break boosts intellectual capacity and productivity.

Healthcare facilities

Newrest Catering provides meals for patients and staff in hospitals and clinics, and also runs snack bars, coffee shops and cafeterias for visitors (hospitality services). It believes that good meals improve health and even help patients to recover. That is why its teams are attentive to the needs of each patient, and scrupulously comply with individual dietary requirements.


Newrest Catering manages refectories, canteens, restaurants, and hospitality services for many teaching establishments, including public and private elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. It knows that children, teenagers and university students with a healthy, balanced and varied diet have a greater chance of academic success. It is also fully aware of its responsibility to introduce small children and young people to a variety of flavors.

Mobile service and shops

In companies and hospitals, Newrest is able to offer its clients a mobile food and beverage service. It can also provide the same type of service from a shop located within the establishment.

Event management and catering

In every country, Newrest Catering’s production units are able to provide catered food on request: meal trays, sandwiches, and any other made-to-measure meal.


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