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Inside airports or museums, at highway service stations, on board ships and at bus terminals, Newrest Retail creates and manages retail outlets dedicated to food services, as well as shops.

To manage these retail outlets, Newrest Retail structured three chains to best satisfy market demand: our specific brands, international franchises and local franchises.

Proprietary brands of retail outlets

To meet consumer expectations, Newrest Retail has designed a portfolio of internal brands such as Daily Break, Caffé Lindo, Sky Shop, The Lunch and Malinche. The marketing policy for these brands targets harmonisation of points of sale. In each country, Newrest Retail adapts part of the offering to precisely match specific regional consumer practices.

International and local franchises of retail outlets

For its franchise brand development, Newrest Retail has relied on the services of international groups such as Paul, Illy Café, Pomme de Pain,Costa Café, La Croissanterie, Beijing 8, etc. In certain countries, local, customised franchise concepts allow Newrest Retail to support site managers by providing region-specific offerings. The inclusion of local franchise brands is one of the tools used, for example Medina and Monsieur Brochette in Morocco.

A-Z management

Before opening a retail outlet, Newrest Retail manages the entire creation process. We rigorously analyse the constraints and advantages of the future outlet in accordance with its location, visitor traffic, and the number and profile of potential customers. We define the interior design, the furniture, decor, uniforms and communication visuals, and monitor the construction of the premises. We select the range of products that will best suit our clientele of international or national travellers, while taking into account local traditions in terms of taste preferences and the mandatory requirements of franchise brands.

Once the retail outlets have opened, we take over full management of the premises, which includes purchasing and selling the products at the best quality/price ratio. This service also includes occasional events and promotions to boost traffic, avoid monotony, favour impulse buying and thereby offer a dynamic image of our points of sale. This management also obviously includes maintenance and cleaning. The site director, technical management team and all of the employees are Newrest personnel. To ensure the quality of our service is always optimal, we provide continuous training to our teams.

Creative expertise

The expertise acquired by Newrest Retail allows it to continue to create other customised retail concepts for new markets and to negotiate partnership contracts with prestigious local partners and international brands based on the development of franchises.

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