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… to our partners and suppliers

Regardless of the country involved, Newrest collaborators must maintain business relations rooted in transparency and honesty. This requirement holds especially true for our suppliers, since unfair competition is also frowned upon.

Anti-corruption policy

The Group strictly prohibits its employees from offering gifts or money to representatives of its clients or to officials, with the aim of facilitating the signature of contracts.


Fair competition

During calls to tender involving Newrest, unfair practices are forbidden.

Contracts can only be won as part of normal competition between the different tender participants. Social dumping and pricing practices non-compliant with market regulations are not tolerated. Prices are studied independently. No agreements whatsoever are made with competing parties. The offers proposed for all contracts are evaluated collectively by country directors, zone directors and sales directors in relation to their sphere of business.

Choice of Suppliers

Suppliers are selected via external audits. To obtain accreditation suppliers absolutely must respect certain rules.

Product quality, stock management, freshness, transport system, and cold-chain management are the only criteria that determine our choice. Supplier audit procedures and questionnaires have been created and are used in all countries of operation. For all tenders, each country must obtain a price from at least 3 different suppliers and this process must be conducted at least every year for all product groups purchased. Evidently, a contract is always drawn up locally to guarantee a legal connection between Newrest units and suppliers.


For more information about our actions, please have a look on our activity report.

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