London Heathrow

Newrest, the world leader in onboard catering, has been providing airline catering services in the UK since 1996. Today, the Group operates a production unit in London.

Having successfully won United Airlines in Heathrow with 17 Daily LH flights in summer and 16 daily flights in winter.

We have a state of the art facility located just 7 Minutes from the airport gate.

  • The 4300m2 facility is a brand new site.
  • The facility has capacity for 35 Long Haul flights daily.
  • 23 Refrigerated high loaders
  • Fully separated Halal and non Halal flows

End 2017, Newrest LHR launched a production chain, notably via Sawyer Cobot: making some tasks utomatic, at the crossroads between biomechanics, robotics and human factors