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If you are looking for a catering service for your company or organization, take a look at the wide range of solutions that Newrest Catering has to offer in the catering sector!


Several public and private companies, administrations and embassies have trusted Newrest Catering to manage their restaurant, cafeteria, or reception lounge. We are convinced that employees want to consume their daily meal in a pleasant environment, and choose from a selection of fresh, appetizing, and carefully presented products. Intellectual capacity and productivity participate in their workplace well-being.


Newrest Catering manages meals for patients and staff in hospital centers and clinics, as well as snacks, bars, and cafeterias for visitors (hospitality services). We believe that good meals improve health and help patients recover. That is why our teams are attentive to the needs of each patient and scrupulously comply with dietary requirements.


Newrest Catering operates in teaching establishments including public and private elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. We know that children, adolescents and university students with a healthy, balanced, varied diet have a greater chance of intellectual success. We are fully aware of our responsibility to introduce children and youth to a variety of flavors.


In companies and hospitals, we offer facility management. In every country, our production units are ready to provide catered food tailored to your needs: meal trays, sandwiches, and any other meal requested.


Newrest Catering believes in the vital importance of nutrition and healthy eating. To this end, we hire qualified staff to collaborate with our clients and develop diverse menus. Regarding food safety, continuous verification of all the food manufacturing processes ensures optimal quality. When we design our restaurants, our first priority is to make them as pleasant as possible. We believe that this aspect of our service expresses our ongoing passion for excellence about the standard of living.


Thanks to the Newrest application, Newrest proactively informs guests with detailed information on the coming menus (including diet details & allergens), animations and promotions at their restaurants, their kids canteen or their remote site. Guests are also welcome to click&collect their meal or order special requests to Newrest Staff.

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