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You will work closely with the Warehouse and On-board Equipment Manager, your direct supervisor, filling the role of the department manager in the event of his/her absence.

Your role, with the help of department supervisors, will be focused on following duties:

  • Scheduling, planning and organizing the work of the warehouse, dishwash and dotation labourers;
  • Communicate any problem with department manager (operational or disciplinary);
  • Training and monitoring of new employees on all warehouse and equipment flow processes in place;
  • Involved in planning and conducting training sessions for all staff;
  • Ensure completion of traceability documents;
  • Oversee unpacking and storing of products in various storage areas in accordance with FIFO rules;
  • Perform material outputs in accordance with good hygiene and manufacturing practices;
  • Supervise, plan and perform inventories according to schedule;
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing stocks, coordinate activities with production departments;
  • Monitor deadlines for equipment usage and plan picking accordingly;
  • Oversee updates of orders, receipt of goods and inputs warehouse data into the system;
  • Manage waste;
  • Respect and enforce compliance with hygiene and safety regulations

The Deputy On-board Equipment Manager hires, trains and disciplines members of his/her team.
Domain of intervention – General duties of the On-board Equipment Departments:
The Deputy Manager supervises department employees in coordination with the department manager. These teams perform the following tasks:
Bond team:

  • Ensure the optimal utilization of space through warehouse consolidation
  • Rotate product as appropriate, provide designated items to appropriate department
  • Complete all necessary records and reports in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Conduct inbound processes of new merchandise in accordance with guidelines and following all prescribed procedures, ability to understand specificities for each airline
  • Perform all day-to-day warehouse/ inventory activities, physical and administrative handling of merchandise
  • Take appropriate action to label, store, sort, dispose merchandise as instructed
  • Inform Warehouse Team Lead, Lead-Hand or Manager of daily activity and/or any issues/concerns
  • Requires to be on their feet working while clocked in, unless on break
  • Assist in maintaining Security and Health and Safety requirements
  • Ensure adherence to procedural and policy requirements
  • Maintain a clean, neat, and orderly work area

Equipment team:

  • Prepare the trays, china, forks, knives, glasses, napkins and various other containers for production
  • Maintains clean, sanitary stock of dishes and utensils required by other departments
  • Unloads and stacks dishes/cutlery in appropriate storage area
  • Dispose clean dishes and utensils to proper areas as needed for other departments
  • Maintains clean, sanitary work area, safe storage of dish carts and related supplies
  • Follow established guidelines, food safety, health & safety policies and procedures
  • Keep accurate records of cleaning performed
  • Keep Supervisor, team lead, manager informed of any unsanitary practices that may be occurring
  • General dish area maintenance including: sweeping, mopping, organization and garbage


  • Logical organisation
  • Good English skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team management
  • Analytical skills
  • Dynamic, Well organized, calm & with good composure
  • Ability to take responsibilities & to be accountable for results
  • Prior experience in managerial position


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