Our HR Policy

Newrest is committed to developing the skills of each and every employee, to providing them equal career, mobility and training opportunities, and to ensuring the utmost respect for workplace health and safety regulations. These are the founding principles upon which our HR Policy is built.

Recruitment policy

Every candidate is given equal consideration and opportunity. In potential future employees, Newrest is looking for passion, dedication, and an entrepreneurial attitude. In recognizing that this is a predominantly male industry, Newrest emphasizes the importance of providing equal opportunity to both men and women. The Group has also partnered with associations for persons with disabilities or underprivileged backgrounds in order to fill job placements across a number of our subsidiaries. Finally, we are committed to recruiting young professionals and recent graduates, most notably through our “Newrest Graduate Program”.

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Internal mobility and growth opportunities

Newrest has experienced significant growth since it was founded in 2005. In fact, over the last 10 years, the Group’s managed turnover has increased six-fold. In order to manage this steady growth, Newrest is continuously offering employees opportunities for career advancement and international mobility. Today, 70% of the Group’s management positions are filled internally. Working at Newrest means being a part of an exciting entrepreneurial adventure and having unique growth opportunities.

Employee training

In an ever-evolving industry, job responsibilities and client expectations are constantly changing. Newrest understands that having employees who are passionate and motivated by their careers fosters talent and creativity. For this reason, the Group is eager to develop employees’ skills by providing them every possible training opportunity, whatever their position within the company.

Workplace health and safety

In every one of its sites and locations around the world, Newrest places the utmost importance on ensuring proper workplace conditions and employee health and safety. To this end, our QHSE professionals have developed a charter that applies to all employees, as well as to suppliers and subcontractors. Mindful of the health coverage inequalities across the countries in which it operates, the Group makes every effort to ensure the best possible access to health care for all its employees. Employees and their families can benefit from reimbursements for medical costs, the company insurance plan, or even a salary advance in cases of medical emergency. We provide a wide range of options to our employees in accordance with the legal and social landscape of each country.