Canary Islands: Newrest Spain collaborates with “Plátano de Canarias”

"Plátano de Canarias" is governed by the local association of banana producers who have agreed with the regional government of the Canary Islands to provide free bananas for the summer food program. Since 2013, Newrest Spain has been participating in this program. This campaign allows children from disadvantaged families to continue to receive at least one healthy and nutritious meal per day when public school canteens close during summer holidays.

This year, as part of this summer feed program, Newrest Spain has provided about 20,000 meals for this program in the Canary Islands, and trained and hired unemployed women to help with school meals and to care for children. In August, about 1,000 kg of bananas were offered by producers to more than 2,500 children. This action has had several media spin-offs (in Spanish):