Carbon footprint reduction: Newrest in Chile reinforces its commitment

Newrest in Chile installed an Organic Matter Digester at its Santiago Airport's unit.

This equipment can digest up to 200 kg of organic matter every day (type: fruit and vegetable remnants, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.), the enzyme process transforms the organic matter into a liquid residue to be removed as water, without problem, to the riles system.
A segregation of the organic waste was implemented in each area of the plant in order to be recovered by the personnel in charge of cleaning and processed in the digester throughout the day.
During its first week, 500 kg of organic matter have been digested.
Newrest in Chile expects this year to reduce its waste by 26 tons and its CO2 emissions by 100 tons, and can increase to 300 tons as soon as the equipment is used to its maximum capacity.

Newrest au Chili Digesteur Ordures