Casip-Cojasor Foundation and Newrest: alongside dependent elderly people

Newrest supports Casip-Cojasor Foundation which manages non-profit nursing homes and social support services for isolated seniors.

In nursing homes (EHPAD, for its French acronym), Newrest supports the development of non-drug therapies: sophrology, snoezelen and art therapy. This avoids the use of psychotropic drugs and allows the maintenance of existing capacities. In addition, thanks to massages and a holistic approach to the body, the self-image is revalued despite the addiction, helping to limit depressive syndromes.
At home, Newrest supports the maintenance of the social bond through festive activities and collective workshops of cognitive and motor stimulation. In addition, it supports the delivery of home-based meals for the elderly. Each year, Casip-Cojasor Foundation delivers nearly 35,000 meals a year at home thanks to its partners.

About Casip-Cojasor Foundation (

CASIP COJASOR Foundation, whose origins date back to 1809, accompanies vulnerable people in all areas of social action. From early childhood to old age, from unemployment to precariousness, from disability to the maintenance of the social bond, 20,000 people are helped every year thanks to state subsidies, corporate patronage and the generosity of the public.
Nearly half of the actions carried out are aimed at the elderly, isolated or dependent, particularly in the four nursing homes managed by the Casip-Cojasor Foundation, in Paris, Créteil, Aix-Les-Bains and Nice.