Children learn about healthy eating in Papara

For Nursery School Week, the Taharu’u school in Papara has organized health-themed events. For the occasion, Newrest dieticians went to the school to host an event about food and taste.

At the Taharu’u school in Papara, nursery school children learn to recognize different foods with the help of a dietician. Photos are shown to the children, who are then asked to categorize it as an animal or plant species. “Is an apple an animal?” asks Vaina Tsong who works for Newrest. The company actively caters to schools and junior high schools in Papara. “No”, the children answer in chorus. “The children often recognize cooked chicken presented in a plate, but they don’t really know what it looks like. They also don’t know that apples have seeds,” she explains. This workshop is part of Nursery School Week, which is currently underway in the region. Every day, Newrest delivers 1,500 meals to elementary and junior high schools in Papara. According to Bernard Mauze, President of the company’s board of directors, it’s sometimes difficult to find fresh local produce in large quantities. “But we often use vegetables grown in Papara and fresh catches of fish,” he specified.

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Photo credit: © Noémie Debot-Ducloyer