“Honey and bees” at the Koutio Médipôle company restaurant

Newrest New Caledonia proposed a “Honey and Bees” event at the Koutio Medipôle – Territorial Hospital of Nouméa company restaurant – on June 28th, in the presence of beekeepers.

Honey of the Caledonian territory and products derived from the hive were in the spotlight!

A menu around honey, concocted by the head of the Médipôle was offered to customers who feasted: farandole of vegetables and vinaigrette honey & ginger, poultry supreme with honey & rosemary, almond cake & honey … something to delight the taste buds! Since June 2019, Newrest New Caledonia has been sponsoring two hives that will allow us to offer honey harvested to our customers in short circuit!