Newrest Congo organized a snack at the ‘Orphelinat Cœur Céleste’

Newrest Congo had the pleasure to offer the 60 children of the ‘Orphelinat Coeur Céleste’ of Pointe Noire a snack during their musical performance at the restaurant ‘Le comptoir’. Thanks to Gaelle and Willy, organizers of this evening thanks to whom we were able to participate in this friendly moment. Newrest Congo will also host trainees from the orphanage in its central kitchen, to train them in catering and assist them for their future.

The ‘Orphelinat Coeur Céleste’ was built on private and own funds, by a very dynamic Congolese citizen, Mrs. Célestine Bagniakana, assistant manager of the Bolloré Group in the Republic of Congo, following her initiative in 1992 when she created the ‘HALTE SIDA’ association.

The Orphelinat Cœur Céleste history :
  • 1992: Célestine Bagniakana sadly has noted the widespread spread of AIDS worldwide, particularly in Africa. Concerned about the catastrophes created in the families, she has decided to engage in the humanitarian by leading a fight against this pandemic.
  • 1994: Célestine founded the association HALTE SIDA, created to fight against the spread of AIDS after this committed woman noticed the growing number of close deaths of couples affected by the virus and leaving countless orphans. Sensitive to the distress of these children, Celestine then begins her fight by taking care of thousands of AIDS orphans. She then conducted conferences in schools, businesses and public places to alert and educate youth and adults about the risks of the pandemic.
  • 1997: Africa faces a new phenomenon, the sharp rise in so-called “AIDS orphans”. Children whose parents have died as a result of HIV and no treatment. Célestine Bagniakana’s commitment evolves. She decided to take care of hundreds of orphans every year for more than a decade. She mobilized her energy from private companies, individuals to raise funds to support the children whose association was involved.
  • 2009: Thanks to the financial support of private companies, Célestine Bagniakana launches the construction of an orphanage in the city of Pointe Noire in Congo. This new project is particularly close to her heart, allowing her to offer a structure that can accommodate the poorest children.
  • 2014: The ‘Orphelinat Coeur Céleste’ has officially opened. It became a place of life for forty young children and teenagers who now have a home to live, flourish and follow a qualifying training for the greatest.