Newrest Gabon and Newrest Cameroon cooperate to satisfy Borr Drilling

Borr Drilling, a drilling company in the oil industry, is reorganizing itself in Cameroon.

Due to the international health situation, they decided to repatriate in Cameroon all of their drilling rigs based in Africa.

During periods of inactivity, drillers “glue” their rigs in stacking together (smart stacked) in order to pool and reduce costs. The machines are idling and small teams intervene from one rig to another, being based on one of the so-called “master rig”.

Our teams were on board the Norve in Gabon and our client was extremely satisfied with our service.

This is why Borr Drilling has decided to extend this collaboration with Newrest Cameroon.

Newrest Gabon therefore continues to manage the contract and is currently working in close collaboration with Newrest Cameroon for the operational part. Maintaining the quality of service delivered in Gabon and recognized by our client will ensure continuity of the contract with Borr Drilling throughout the Gulf of Guinea.