Newrest Gulf and Newrest Wacasco organized their seminar

In line with the Group Seminar, the Newrest Gulf and Newrest Wacasco management teams sensitized their teams to the Group strategy by organizing a country seminar in July.

In Qatar, Newrest Gulf site managers were made aware of the Group DNA and values ​​at a mini seminar in Doha. Everyone was able to participate by explaining during a workshop what the notions of “Humility, Simplicity, Efficiency and Responsibility” represent for him on a daily basis. Symbolically, an executive was given to each manager to position him in his office.

Les directeur des sites de Newrest Gulf au Qatar ont été sensibilisés à l’ADN et aux valeurs du Groupe lors d’un mini séminaire à Doha. Chacun a pu participer en expliquant lors d’un atelier ce que représentent pour lui au quotidien les notions de “Humility, Simplicity, Efficiency et Responsibility”. Symboliquement, un cadre a été remis à chaque responsable pour le positionner dans son bureau.

In line with the definition of new Group objectives as set up during the Kalamata seminar in April, Newrest Oman organized a mini seminar on the 13th of July 2019  with their top management team in order to review and decide the strategy for the country.

In presence of our VP and 20 of our managers, it was a nice occasion to exchange ideas on what will be the future of the group and the company in Oman. The strategy was articulated around our main values:“Humility, Simplicity, Efficiency and Responsibility”.

A dinner was held in order to reward all the team for the good efforts developed during the past year.