Newrest Gulf starts a new contract for catering services with Qatar University

As Newrest already provides catering services to the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the Group managed to extend its activity to another higher education institution in Qatar. Located near the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, the Qatar University now trusts Newrest Gulf team to operate for their guests.

Newrest started a new catering contract with Qatar University. All the team spent New Year Evening in mobilization to start serving 260 resident students in QU’s campus. The number of students should increase and reach 400 students very soon.

Students are receiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 2 different restaurants, one dedicated to women, and one for men.

Regarding Newrest’s concepts and innovations, “The Lunch” has been implemented with a mix of Arabic and Asian cuisine, considering the nationalities of the students. In another hand, Display’Eat allows guests to have a digital presentation of the menu. Connect’Eat, the in-house digital solution, will be deployed soon to have a direct communication with them. Students will be able to discover on the app the menu and give us feedback about their level of satisfaction on our catering services.

Qatar University catering services