Newrest Inflight Logistics is setting up several units in Scandinavia for SAS

Since January 2022, Newrest Inflight Logistics has partnered with Scandinavian Airlines with the aim of catering all their flights out of Scandinavia starting end of 2022. The group is now opening new catering units in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Expending our inflight catering network

Newrest Inflight Logistics had to open new unit to fulfill its contract with SAS, recruit staff and acquire a large number of inflight catering trucks. The major constructions sites are in Oslo, Arlanda and Copenhagen airports where state of the art facilities have been built. Newrest latest innovations are implemented such as new cobots production lines or winrest interfaces with SAS systems.

The onboarding of new team members started over the summer. The team is composed of local talents as well as experienced Newrest team leaders and experts from around the world. The perfect combo for success!

Starting slowly but growing surely

Newrest Inflight Logistics is now ready. 21st of October is the official launch of units in Sweden and Denmark! Newrest Inflight Logistics is catering 6 flights per day from Göteborg (GOT): 2 charters, 3 domestics and 1 inter-Scandinavia.

In Denmark, Newrest Inflight Logistics is providing 2 breakfast flight out of Billund unit.

On November 1st it will be the launching of the new unit in Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) with almost 100 flights a day. The group will be starting catering out of Oslo on November 16th and Copenhagen on December 1st for around the same number of flights.

Becoming the home base caterer for SAS in Scandinavia is a milestone for Newrest Inflight Logistics and the demonstration of the group approach: the power of a major and the agility of a local actor.

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