Newrest Madagascar supported the ‘Entendre le Monde’ association mission

'Entendre le Monde' team in collaboration with Newrest Madagascar, has carried out a mission during January.

Mid-January, the team of the association “Entendre le Monde“, composed of:

  • ENT surgeon Dr. Isabelle Kerouedan,
  • anesthetists Dr. Fanny Vitkovitch and Dr. Christine Roche Tissot
  • the hearing care professional Jonathan Flament
  • the internal ENT Barbara Cadre

and supervised by Dr. Bertrand Gardini, ENT surgeon, has, for the 5th year, shared its expertise (and enthusiasm) with the Malagasy population as well as the medical staff of the Hospital Be de Toamasina.


« Entendre le Monde » is an NGO that provides surgical assistance and ENT medical care in developing countries.

Its main missions are:

  • to operate the most serious pathologies
  • to train medical and surgical teams on the spot in order to be autonomous in a few years
  • to detect hearing disorders
  • to equip in diagnostic and surgical equipment

In order to obtain the maximum number of patients, with a view to an intervention in the presence of the associative team, teams of Newrest Madagascar, with the assistance of Doctor Sheba from the Be hospital and an ENT intern from Antananativo, provided 3 screening sessions at the beginning of January in the cities of  Moramanga, Brickaville and Tamatave.

The campaign, thanks to communication in different media (local TV and newspapers), made it possible to optimize the number of patients on D days.


Be hospital provided the association with the premises of its hospital, medical equipment and all the necessary staff.

The “Entendre le Monde” association provided medical equipment and staff to ensure the success of the project.

Ambatovy, the main private investor in the country, lodged for a week the associative team on its camp in Toamasina and provided for one day a bus that allowed the transport of children from Semato School (School for the hearing-impaired). A communication campaign (e-mailing) was also carried out with Ambatovy employees to make them aware of the mission.

Newrest Madagascar has ensured:

  • coordination of the different actors (local medical staff and the NGO)
  • logistics specific to the transportation of equipment and personnel
  • an assistance specific to the care during the screening (drugs, consumables…) as in communication

The mission, one week, allowed to organize:

  • ENT consultations
  • 80 audioprosthesis consultations which allowed the apparatus of about fifty children
  • a dozen surgical procedures for 9 people operated
  • post-operative care

A successful mission that will certainly be renewed next year.

Newrest Madagascar would like to thank all the actors who made this project a real success.