Newrest opens Dim Sum Emperors Restaurant at PHN International Airport,Cambodia

Last week Newrest Cambodia team has opened a new restaurant in Phnom Penh airport.

New opening for Newrest

Dim Sum Emperors Restaurant just opened last week at PHN International Airport, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Congratulations to Newrest Retail Cambodia team for the work accomplished, and to SCA Cambodia Airports for their trust and support.

This project is the result of the partnership led by Newrest’s partner Dim Sum Emperors and Mushroom Design, with the dynamic contribution of Comin Khmer.

Tahiti cambodia retail

Retail catering expertise

Newrest has been developing an expertise in airport concession catering for over 15 years.

The Group offers 4 types of sales outlets : its own brands, international franchises, strong local franchises and tailor made concepts.

This expertise is a great source of inspiration for catering contracts in other environements such as universities, schools, hospitals and the Business & Industries sector. From this experience, Newrest has implemented the franchise Colombus café retail concept in the University of French Polynesia (UPF).

Tahiti cambodia retail