Newrest Raleigh Durham Celebrates 2 years of catering on July 4th

Raleigh Durham is the first in-flight unit that opened with Newrest in the United States in 2018. After winning the contract with Delta, Newrest took on the challenge of a new country with the entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in Newrest’s culture.

Since the start up Raleigh has always been a top performer and 2 years later is no different. With 4 months in a row with 0 missing items and 0 delays to date the team has also been producing enough snack bags to help other catering stations reach the total numbers needed

The celebrations around the 4th was designed to bring everyone together safely as a team and remind us of all the amazing accomplishments achieved over the past 2 years

The hard work and dedication that the Raleigh Team shows everyday is something to be admired, to the entire team, congratulations.