Newrest renews its remote sites facility management contract with Ambatovy

Newrest has been managing Ambatovy's remote sites in Madagascar since 2011 and has renewed its facility management contract. A trust confirming a shared vision within a long-term relationship.

Ambatovy renews its trust in Newrest’s facility management services

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit Madagascar and its main economic activities. In this context, Newrest was able to position itself as a reliable facility management service provider for Ambatovy to limit the spread of the epidemic. Some actions contributed to this sense of partnership that links Newrest and Ambatovy.

Among them:

  • The implementation of an anti Covid-19 protocols
  • Continuity of service on confined and impermeable sites for more than 3 months involving 270 agents (without them being able to leave the sites)
  • The creation of janitorial services
  • Innovations with the possibility of ordering meals in a dematerialized way from the rooms via the Newrest application
  • Renovation of unoccupied units

This partnership of more than 10 years is based on complete and qualitative services. This is reflected in the renewal of the contract.

This extension allows Newrest and Ambatovy to project themselves into the future and define, together, the strategic axes in terms of quality of service. It is on this principle that the decision to renovate all the production tools of the Moramanga and Toamasina sites was taken. 2000 square meters, divided into 4 kitchens, will be completely modernized. The flows will be rethought, and all the equipment replaced in order to contribute to an optimal quality of service.

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Remote sites management: Newrest’s complete expertise

Supplying Ambatovy’s remote sites in Toamasina and Moramanga, Newrest’s teams in Madagascar provide a multitude of facility services. The Group is committed to its partner to guarantee an optimal comfort of life to the residents. These services include

  • Catering with nearly 7500 meals per day
  • Accommodation for approximately 1500 guests
  • Room cleaning
  • Management of laundry rooms
  • Animation of sales points (bars and stores) and leisure activities (fitness room)
  • Maintenance of kitchens and other structures within the scope of the contract

Newrest offers a unique variety of services and a strong relationship with its guests. It ensures a quality facility management for its partners’ remote sites. Teams are delighted to continue sharing moments of life with all its guests at Ambatovy’s sites.