Newrest Switzerland acts for the environment!

With Ecoffee Cup and reCIRCLE, teams of Newrest Switzerland offer ecological options to their customers.

These two concepts adopted by the teams of Newrest Switzerland propose to the guests to fight against the culture of waste by passing from SINGE-USE to RE-USE.

With Ecoffee cup, the guest chooses his cup made of biodegradable bamboo and reuses it with each coffee. He can do without hundreds of disposable cups every year! There are many models with vibrant colors and original designs; all logged in Newrest!

reCIRCLE is an innovative and local concept that works as a set of containers in a network. When you want to take a takeaway meal the option containing reCIRCLE will cost you 10 Chf that you will immediately recover the reported container.

Here too, the planet thanks us. Many customers like to be involved in this eco-responsible approach via the restaurants Newrest Restauration in Switzerland.