Newrest Tunisia is ready for a back-to-school season with taste and security

This week, the back-to-school bells will ring for the 6,000 students we serve in 11 private schools in Tunisia.

From Newrest Tunisia, we are prepared to welcome you in complete safety. But this will not come at the expense of taste. The flavors will always be present on your plates. We share your desire to enjoy a good meal with your friends, whether in kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school.Everyone has their own back to school, each their restaurant concept. Madeleine will support kindergarten and primary students in their return to school. College students will be able to delight their taste buds during “Interclasses” (“Entre 2 Cours” concept on the pictures). While high school students will savor the delicious dishes of our Farm 2.0.

Enjoy your meal!