Newrest Wacasco organized “La semaine du goût” at Muscat’s French School

The French School in Muscat organized a special event for parents from the 14th to the 18th October 2018, naming it ‘La semaine du gout’ (The Week of Taste) giving parents a chance to sample the daily menu being served for their children at the school.

Newrest Wacasco’s participation was highly appreciated by the school administration & parents alike in presenting the food tasting for the parents along with handing out food & hygiene awareness flyers on meal portions and lunch boxes. At these meetings, Newrest Wacasco also prompted and encouraged parents to download the Newrest app andbe a regular part in their children’s food activities at school. This event is part of the Healthy Living Campaign, launched on March, 7th, 2018, one of whose topics is “eating well”.


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