Nos Bovins d’Île-de-France and Newrest !

In partnership with La "Filière Bovine d'Île-de-France", we organized events for guests to discover pieces of beef from the association "Nos Bovins d'Île-de-France".

In January, eleven of our Parisian restaurants participated in these special events. For this event, our chefs had the pleasure developing original recipes based on meat from the Île-de-France beef sector to delight the taste buds of our guests. A real treat !

This initiative fits into our Newrest approach, which consists of offering 30% local products every day. The Nos Bovins d’Île-de-France association  is a regional initiative which already brings together around thirty breeders. They are committed to a charter of good breeding practices, a guarantee of quality for our guests.

Find the approach of Nos Bovins d’Ile-de-France here: