Childhood obesity: Newrest Spain interviewed in a Canarian school

Colegio CEIP Clorinda Salazar in Tenerife: Newrest Spain teams present in TVE report against childhood obesity.

In June 2017, TVE teams produced the report “Pequeños kilos de más” (“Little extra pounds” in Englifh) on childhood obesity at Colegio CEIP Clorinda Salazar in Tenerife, whose restoration is managed by Newrest Spain. This video shows the programs implemented by the Government of the Canary Islands to promote fruit consumption and physical exercise in schools.

Cristina Rosado, a nutritionist from Newrest in the Canary Islands, spoke at a conference on responsible nutrition, which is part of Newrest Group’s CSR program (from 04m50s on video).

In the Canary Islands, Newrest serves more than 6,000 daily meals in various educational centers, hospitals and day centers for the elderly.