Oman: Newrest Wacasco has awarded the “Annual QHSE Awards 2016”

Newrest Wacasco, a leading catering service provider in the Sultanate, has recently awarded the "Annual QHSE Awards 2016" to 6 of its teams on sites.

All of Newrest Wacasco’s 105 sites were closely monitored during the year 2016 year and the winners were selected based on their performance in terms of food safety, HACCP, work safety and environmental indicators. The winnings sites belong to prestigious clients such as Galfar, Schlumberger, HydroCarbon Finder, NDSC, Saxon and Shaleem Petroleum Company.
Newrest Wacasco Awards 2016

The senior management of Newrest Wacasco travelled to all of the winning sites to handover the awards and celebrated the success along with the employees and the client representatives on site.

 “These awards were initiated to recognize and motivate the hard working teams on sites. It highlights the importance of QHSE systems and encourages the employees to abide by them. This is also a recognition of the good cooperation between Newrest Wacasco and its clients as in our environment the excellent QHSE measure can only be achieved by a joint efforts. We would like to congratulate all the winners”, said Nicolas Pauly, Newrest Wacasco’s General Manager, during this site visit.

Newrest Wacasco Awards 2016