Open House at Newrest Restauration Française in New Caledonia

Every Wednesday morning since the start of school in February, all teams from the Central Kitchen - Newrest Restauration Française proudly welcome groups of 15 visitors. Thus, public authorities and institutions, local governments, local communities, our clients and parents, discover or rediscover our recently renovated and modernized facilities!

Throughout this visit, from the receiving dock to the cold rooms of expeditions, visitors note with great interest this industrial tool for which Newrest financed all the works and new equipment!

Equipped with a modern and unique tool on the territory, certified ISO 22000 and having a health approval validated by the government of New Caledonia, Newrest Restauration Française produces 18,000 meals a day for kindergartens and elementary schools of the Grand Nouméa, but also for the students of the University of Noumea and some prestigious clients like the armed forces of PLUM.

Wednesday, May 29th, was the morning “Open House” for families of Newrest teams. Young and old people were impressed by the renovation and modernization of this production tool and left delighted and proud of the work done by their parents.

On June 4th, 2019, the team of Newrest Restauration Française welcomed a class from the professional hotel school ESCOFFIER of Nouméa for a technical discovery of our production equipment. During the visit, high school students were able to understand the use of equipment in conjunction with the production schedule but also the obligations in terms of hygiene and food safety rules. Vario-cooking, cooking pots, ovens, cooling cells, thermo-sealers, captivated these future professionals of the restoration who at the same time discovered another facet of the catering.