The farmers of Île-de-France came to Newrest restaurants!

In June, in partnership with “la chambre d’Agriculture de Région Île-de-France et la SCIC Valor Viande”, special animations took place on 10 Parisian restaurants managed by Newrest Restauration: Espace Seine, Le Colisée, l’AFD, Perspective Défense, L’Addict, Orano, CRAMIF, AGRIA, Poclain Hydraulics, RIE Chevaleret.

This initiative is part of a Newrest approach consisting in offering daily 30% of local products. The House of the breeding is an association gathering about thirty breeders. Their key word “100% local, 100% transparent, 100% rigorous”.

For this event, our chefs had fun creating original recipes based on meat from the Ile de France beef industry to delight the taste buds of our guests. A real treat!