The Newrest Wagons-Lits team launches click & collect test run aboard TGV

Since its launch yesterday at 6:00am, the program took its first meal order through the Newrest Wagons-Lits online ordering site:

Customers can now use their smartphone to order their meal from the comfort of their seat. Once in the bar car, these tech-savvy customers get to jump ahead to the priority line-up. Some may even have their meals delivered right to their seat.
This test run, conducted aboard the Paris-Lyon lines, is part of the Newrest Group’s commitment to make digital development a priority.
Newrest is also fostering innovation in their other lines of business, most notably institutional catering and remote site management.
This Newrest app, which has already been tested in Madagascar, is currently available in several of the French Group’s operating locations, including Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Uganda, Gabon and Angola, among others.
In addition to the click & collect ordering feature, users also benefit from access to menu information, news updates, restaurant promotions, as well as a special client relationship.

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