… to our partners and suppliers

Regardless of the country in question, Newrest employees must maintain commercial relationships which are based on transparency and honesty. This requirement is especially valid for our suppliers, as unfair competition is also illegal.


The Group formally prohibits its employees from offering gifts or money to representatives of their customers or officials to facilitate the signature of contracts.

In the same way, all gifts are refused from suppliers or accredited co-workers or co-workers who are undergoing accreditation, offered to obtain a contract or lower prices. It is also prohibited to apply any type of pressure or offer any type of gift to health inspection personnel for them to close their eyes to any hygiene rule omissions. All of these principles are valid in all countries, whether corruption is common practice or not. Newrest has put in place procedures to check people at risk: purchasing manager, commercial director. These people are monitored by national directors, zone directors and internal audits. Each month, these people check the figures for each country and verify the procedures during regular site visits. Finally, an anti-corruption charter has been drafted and translated into several languages.


No gifts are accepted from any suppliers or co-workers. Invitations to dinner, shows and other receptions are always declined.


Unfair practices are banned during the calls for tender in which Newrest participates. Contracts may only be won as part of fair competition between the different participants. Neither social dumping nor prices which do not conform to market rules are tolerated. The prices are studied independently. No form of agreement with the competition is made. The offers proposed for all contracts are evaluated together by the country directors, the zone directors and the commercial directors for the activity which corresponds to the tender process.


Suppliers are chosen by external audits. To be accredited, suppliers must respect certain rules. Product quality, stock management, freshness, transport system and respect for the cold chain are the only criteria which determines our choices. Supplier audit procedures and questionnaires have been established and are used in all countries. For all calls for tender, each country must obtain a price from at least 3 different suppliers; this process must be carried out at least every year for all the purchased product families. It goes without saying that contracts are always drafted locally to ensure a legal link between the Newrest entities and the suppliers.


All purchasing is centralised via a dedicated department based in Lima. Calls for tender are made from this central department. This system enables a single methodology to be applied to select potential suppliers. It also enables better control of the purchasing process.


Rigorous comparison work is carried out when Newrest in Spain launches calls for tenders. The procedure which requires at least 3 suppliers is respected. Product samples are then blind-tested. Quality, price and respect for ISO standards are also checked before negotiations are closed.


Our suppliers are selected according to a rigorous charter and must provide relevant documents about their company and their products. Newrest SOS representatives visit suppliers’ sites regularly if necessary. The Newrest SOS joint-venture has signed an integrity charter to combat corruption. It is renewed every year. The success of TRACE certification also demonstrates a commitment to commercial transparency, which proves that we are a reliable business partner…


In its supplier selection process, Newrest in Morocco verifies the references of each of its potential contacts. Suppliers must provide financial guarantees and demonstrate their effectiveness and the quality of their work. They are also required to provide a certain number of supporting documents to prove that they respect the public contributions imposed. For example, Newrest in Morocco checks the tax and social security contributions certificates for each supplier.