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Newrest, a world leader in on-board catering, has been providing airline catering services in the UK since 1996. Today, the Group operates a production unit in Bristol.


Newrest UK have expanded significantly in the UK during 2015, 2016 and now 2017

Winning both BMI and Flybe we now have flights from 12 airports daily with our own operations at 9 airports, including Bristol.

We have a compact but fully compliant unit that sits very close to the airport services entrance. We have recently changed from a holding facility of catering to a full packing unit. We pack daily up to 6 bars for all Flybe aircrafts resident at Exeter airport, as well some transiting flights.

Although we are small team, we provide the same services as any of our larger sister stations, which includes Crew food provision and hot water. We also offer an aircraft turnaround cleaning service for the resident Flybe aircraft during the day.

The feedback from the crews that we see on a regular basis has been very positive, and they like the flexibility that having a packing station on site offers.

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