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The year 2016-17 was marked by the construction of a production unit in Colombia and the start of the Inflight business.

Newrest established in Colombia on the second semester of 2016 and built its production plant with the highest quality standards and in compliance with the local regulations for food processing and catering services.

The production unit is located in a duty-Free Zone, which allows Newrest to take advantage of several benefits for its clients, specially those who need foreign goods or equipment for their process.

Newrest Colombia started operations in the Inflight business with its global client Air Europa on February 1st of 2017. Subsequently Newrest began to work in the B&I line with other local clients located around the duty-Free Zone Fontibón, for daily food services and other special events.

As a goal for 2018, the company will increase their clients portfolio in both B&I and inflight sectors, and will also certify the production unit with ISO22000 before this year ends. The next months Newrest Colombia will start operations with KLM and Ethiopian Airlines, and will continue working with duty-Free Zone as an strategic ally in the corporate social responsibility program.

This year, the Newrest unit in Bogota was inaugurated, allowing AirEuropa to start operating on February 1st with a daily flight between Bogota and Madrid.

On September 1st, Newrest Colombia signed a contract for the provision of daily snacks to operational staff at the Geopak Station in Bogota, located in the Fontibón free zone. Geopak is a multinational company that manufactures exible packaging for the export of polyethylene, paper and fabric owers. This contract allows the subsidiary to develop the B&I segment with a projection for growth with the same customer, since Geopak is building a production unit in the suburbs of Bogota, an industrial sector in the region.

The Colombian subsidiary holds the certifications of Invima and Secretaria de Salud, which are regulatory authorities for the food industry in Colombia, and is engaged in the ISO 2000 certification process.

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