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2016-17 was a vital year for Newrest Zambia in consolidating its position as the main Inflight catering actor.

The teams secured a large part of Newrest Zambia turnover until 2020 following tough negotiations with Emirates. This step enables services to be extended with this main customer for the Lusaka-Harare-Lusaka and Lusaka-Dubai routes.

The arrival of the new local airline Mahogany Air enabled Newrest Zambia to continue its development and consolidate its leadership at Lusaka airport. Mahogany Air carries out domestic ights to Lusa- ka-Ndola and Lusaka-Livingstone, strategic towns for business in Zambia. The Newrest Zambia is proud to provide its support to young local companies, enabling them to take advantage of our know-how and our experience.

Newrest Zambia has managed to ensure the loyalty and satisfaction of its traditional customers, whether for all the airport lounges at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (FNB, Kenya Airways and Star Alliance) or for local and international airlines such as Proflight and South African Airways. The government team and the Zambian president have placed their trust in Newrest Zambia once again to provide catering for all of their professional travel. The dynamic launched this year is continuing through the construction of a new Inflight unit which should enable Newrest Zambia to be ready for the arrival of the new airport in 2018 with significant commercial objectives.

In keeping with the countries in the zone, the Lusaka production unit was Halal-certified in 2017.

As ISO 9001 was one of our main objectives for the coming year, all of our processes have been reviewed to meet this ambitious challenge once the new production unit is set up.

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