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In 2009, to support the activities of one of it main partners, Newrest established itself in Gabon.

The company, which started with 2 site on behalf of Total, has quickly grown to operate in 2014, 11 sites for 5 clients on the remote site area.

The quality of its services has enabled it to extend its ​​expertise‘s area on the Ship-Supply Sector with a restaurant and two bars at the airport of the Gabonese Capital (Libreville) , corporate catering on behalf of the SEEG (energy and water company in Gabon ) & service on ships subcontractor of petroleum operator.

Today, Newrest Gabon has 380 employees and serves 4080 meals per day (Breakfast, Snack bar , lunch, dinner ).

Newrest Gabon 2016-17 performances must be welcomed against this background. It was actually a fruitful year in terms of contract openings.

In February 2017, Newrest Gabon started to manage the catering, housekeeping and laundry for the Gamba Friedlander on-shore site and was able to meet the logistical challenges imposed by one of the furthest sites from its base. Finally, thanks to very good co-operation with Bourbon, in March 2017 the teams began to manage their Guest House at Port Gentil, with catering, housekeeping, laundry and concierge services. Finally, winning the Perenco contract in May 2017 positioned Newrest once and for all as the off-shore reference, and the Gabon subsidiary is now managing 4 off-shore sites for this customer: Barbara, Fernan-Vaz, Tchatamba and Magda.

Newrest Gabon obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality certification following the audit carried out in August 2017 by Bureau Veritas Certification. With this certification the subsidiary is demonstrating its ability to provide products and services which comply with the customer’s requirements and with regulatory requirements and places the customer at the centre of concerns for all of the company’s teams.

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