Deployment of the successful “local Graduate Program” for Newrest Gabon!

The aim of the Graduate Program is to provide young talents / young graduates with experience in order to acquire the necessary skills to become a manager within the Newrest Group.

The Graduate Program now comes in two versions: an international version and a local version specific to each country.

Since October 25th, 2019, our International Graduate has thus come to complete the system already in place.

We count so far among us:

  • 2 Local Graduate: Michaëla Dipangoye whose tutor is our Administrative and Financial Director, Renaud Gerbet, as well as Marty Junior Mboumba whose tutor is our Director of Human Resources, Yves Igondjho
  • 1 International Graduate: Enzo Pangallo whose tutor is our Director of Operations, Brice Martin.

We wish them every success in this experience rich in challenges!