Newrest Madagascar supported the ‘Entendre le Monde’ association

The 'Entendre Le Monde' association, in collaboration with Newrest in Ambatovy, has carried out a mission in Madagascar from January 16th to 20th, 2017.

Newrest Madagascar, managing Ambatovy’s catering and camp, supported this mission from logistical, financial and human points of view.

Dr Bertrand Gardini, President of ‘Entendre le Monde’, has visited ‘Be hospital’ and ‘Semato school’ in Tamatave with two other doctors. Their objectives were: medical teams’s training, screening for hearing disorders (mainly in children), the operations of certain pathologies, patient care and equipment devices improvement.

Newrest Madagascar Entendre le MondeIn order to achieve these objectives, the preparation of the mission began in September, including an equipment inventory, the recruitment of patients for consultation at ‘Be hospital’ by the ENT team on site, and a theoretical course listing. Thanks to a good preparation of the mission, a strong involvement of ENT teams, the provision of equipment and operating rooms, the media coverage and Newrest’s support, around 15 patients were operated.

Since their return to France, the members of the mission continue their support to the Tamatave’s doctors via the Internet for the follow-up of the patients and the analysis of complicated cases.

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