Newrest Wacasco has organized the Eating Well Day in Oman

Newrest Wacasco has marked the end of its “Healthy Living Campaign”, which started on April 25th, by organizing, across all of its sites, a one-of-a-kind event: the Eating Well Day.

The Healthy Living Campaign, organized by Newrest Wacasco, included four main topics that shed light on the importance of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The campaign concluded with the topic “Reduce Salt, Sugar & Oil” which elucidated why and how sugar, salt and oil should be daily consumed.

In particular, The Military Technological College, one of the subsidy’s prestigious partners, witnessed a sugar, salt & oil-free day during which, the students and administrations members were:

  • Encouraged to commit a healthier eating lifestyle
  • Given brief presentations about the benefits of healthy eating, and
  • Shown how healthy and nutritionally-balanced meals look like.

And remember… one’s first wealth is its health!

Newrest Wacasco Eating Well Day



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