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Newrest Wacasco in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman continues to suffer from weak prices for a barrel of oil.

Being the most senior and prime caterer in Oman with 32 years of experience, Wacasco is a joint venture between Waleed Associates (OMZEST GROUP) and Newrest Group which is a world class leader in the catering industry.

This endeavoring tie-up broadens horizons and strengthens Newrest Wacasco locally and internationally.

Most major infrastructure projects are still on standby, slowing down both activity relation to construction sites and activity related to oil extraction. The arrival of regional competitors on the market has turned over the joint-venture’s positions and has forced the Newrest Wacasco teams to be even tougher in their productivity management. In this context, Newrest Wacasco has still managed to win contracts with new customers such as National Drilling Services, Sarooj and Truck Oman. At the same time, Newrest Wacasco has continued to assist the expansion of its customers, in particular BGP, Shaleem, Al Shawamikh, Al Baraka, and Schlumberger.

In keeping with the Group strategy to develop all of its activities in a complementary way, the Oman teams are now providing Buy-on-Board services from the first flight of the new Omani low-cost airline Salam Air.

Following the work carried out to adapt its offer to new demands and the constant improvement in its processes (such as the OHSAS certification obtained this year by the Oman teams), Newrest Wacasco is in a good position to develop its customer portfolio with the expected recovery in oil activity in 2018.

Despite an extremely complex year in terms of business opportunities, Newrest Wacasco achieved a retention rate of 97 %, but also signed new contracts thanks to offers combining quality and optimised cost for its customers.

Newrest Wacasco – a committed operator in the Sultanate

The Joint Venture is not just a business operator but is also very involved in Oman’s society. For example, Newrest Wacasco has qualified for the Corporate Social Responsibility certification thanks to its many campaigns, events and donations, particularly in favour of a number of hospitals.


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