Newrest in Guinea-Conakry

Newrest in Guinea-Conakry

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The country is slowly recovering from the Ebola epidemic, helped by a major international aid effort.


This re-start in growth is being felt in the increase in commercial and VIP air traffic. Among its new customers this year, Newrest Guinea can already count Ehiopian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc.

New airline companiesare planning to open new lines: Turkish Airlines and Rwandair should be the first in 2018 to inaugurate their Conakry services. Newrest Guinea’s turnover took advantage of this dynamic while combining background work on productivity elements. This all bodes well before we start looking into the Remote site management sector, which after several years of severe contraction is also showing significant signs of reorganisation and recovery.

Worldwide demand for bauxite, of which Guinea has the largest proven reserves, is sustained unlike most other products extracted by mining for which prices are still at their lowest.

The Group is also seeing that numerous large projects, hydraulic dams, road networks and port infrastructures for mineral export have been nanced recently, which in 2018 should boost demand for support and Remote site management services across all of Guinea.