Newrest in Iceland

Newrest in Iceland

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Newrest’s KEF catering unit has been fully operational since March 2024 as the catering unit for the Home based Airline ICELANDAIR.

Icelandair is a leading Icelandic airline offering flights to, from, via and within Iceland with exceptional service to cities in North America and Europe as well as domestic routes and freight & aircraft leasing services. Beginning March 1st, 2024, Newrest will be the home base caterer of Icelandair out of Keflavik, Iceland’s international hub airport.

The partnership with Icelandair is led by innovation in all aspects of procurement, inventory management, culinary design, quality control, digital solutions, and sustainability. The operations will take place in the catering unit of Keflavik International Airport. The unit will be fitted with the latest technologies and innovations that mirror Newrest Group and Icelandair’s environmental commitments to productivity and sustainability.






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