Digital & innovation, an accomplished ecosystem

Newrest solutions to meet all challenges.
In 2015, Newrest created an internal ecosystem dedicated to innovation and the digitalization of its businesses.

Now having reached maturity, this ecosystem complements our culinary know-how and highlights our differentiation and responsiveness in the current context. Our goal is to take an omni-channel approach to ensure that customer journeys and operations are optimized, another source of added value. Four departments are working with operations on all businesses: IT department, major projects department, digital and marketing department. They are also in charge of our global management system (ERP), Winrest, our digital  solutions for sales and business management, and also the creation and integration of our cobots ‒ collaborative robots ‒ within Newrest production units.

2020 was another strong year in terms of innovation seeing the launch of the contract with Vueling in Spain, the integration of our rail solutions in Morocco, and a novel method of installing cobots at our London-Gatwick unit. Our approach to innovation seeks to focus staff on the quality of our services. The automation of a number of tedious operations enables them to focus on value added tasks that require initiative, know-how and adaptability.

Our approach is driven by our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and will assist us in hitting our targets in 2025.

Vueling, successful multi system integration

Our Winrest ERP has been integrated into more than 8 third party interfaces and interfaces developed by the group.

Buy-on-board is a concept involving the on-board sale of duty free products and is used by a growing number of airlines around the world. Each passenger becomes a potential customer.

Winrest, our software package, is at the heart of the architecture of our contract with Vueling. Before each flight, customers are able to place pre-orders through our click & delivery solution. The same operation takes place on board the aircraft through our Air Fi payment solution, which also communicates with our software package.

But it is mainly in the back office where we have achieved the goal of connecting our ERP to a variety of third party entities such as Spanish customs and our banking ecosystem, which handles transactions throughout Europe, as well as our inventory management system, key information from our client, and our financial management system.

As Newrest is responsible for facilitating sales with on-board staff, we also interfaced Winrest with our commercial social network “My Link by Newrest”.

We believe we have all the necessary systems to support airlines looking for new on-board catering solutions and to face the challenges of relaunching inflight sector.


Cobot lines at the heart of our production units

Increasing collaboration between our staff and our innovative solutions

Three years of research were required to revolutionize the way we work at our inflight production units. We had to deploy over than 15 lines of cobots (collaborative robots) around the world to identify the model that improves productivity the most. The initial step was the creation of the universal robotic hand, which can grip any type of object in any type of container. However, the expected result are only achieved through close cooperation between members of staff and the machine.

Staff work hand in hand with our cobots in a fully integrated process. The operator sets the pace and the machine relieves him of having to do low added value tasks. This occurs from the portioning stage onwards.

This unprecedented breakthrough places cobots at the heart of our new units. The latest are also equipped with the latest technologies required for our inflight catering business: robotic garnishing lines, technological assistance with the assembly of trolleys, preparation and dispatch of flights, automated washing up of dishes and trays, automated sorting of cutlery and automatic bagging machines, to name a just few. It is through these technological breakthroughs and our integrated systems that we are looking to position ourselves as a benchmark player in the transformation of airline services.

In 2020/2021 we plan….

100 % of our units will have carried out an energy audit
20 operational cobot lines
55 Cobots around the world