Newrest Greece has launched its new line of cups

On the occasion of the World Coffee Day, teams of Newrest Greece have created a new line of coffee cups.

Newrest chose the 1st of October, World Coffee Day, to launch its new line of recyclable, eco-friendly paper cups to its corporate restaurants and canteens.

The line of 3 cups for hot and cold drinks, created by Newrest and Cicero Advertising is based on the triptych: “A cupful of joy – A cupful of beauty – A cupful of ideas “.

The inspiration behind the concept was the beneficial effects of coffee: it awakens the senses and helps the mind stay alert, makes us more creative, helps us observe the beautiful things around us, have ideas, fun and energy!

The customers of Newrest restaurants and canteens were pleasantly surprised this 1st of October as they enjoyed their morning coffee in the new colorful cups and they were offered sweet treats and original gifts inspired by the triptych of joy, beauty, ideas: plenty of joy with Allou Fun Park all-day passes, moments of beauty with Hammam Spa gift cards and inspirational evenings with theater tickets.

Newrest always aims for its restaurants and canteens to be venues of gastronomical pleasure and relaxation during the coffee and lunch break of its customers.

Finally, the launch of the ecofriendly cups as well as biodegradable straws is one of the changes the company makes to replace plastic with recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.