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Newrest Hellas, expert in multisector catering, brings you a new vision of the catering market and its related services. Newrest Group’s subsidiary company is nowadays a reference in the professional catering industry, with inflight and contract catering in Greece serving over 32,000 meals per day.

Thanks to innovation, absolute respect of international quality, hygiene and safety standards as well as demanding principles with regards to values, Newrest Group’s Greek subsidiary knows how to understand your specific needs and integrate them in the context of a competitive offer.

In 2006, Newrest Hellas acquired local company Abela Catering Hellas, a major player in inflight catering, and was able to considerably widen its clientele portfolio of airline companies. Today, it daily caters for nearly one hundred clients in the inflight as well as contract catering sectors.

Your benchmark in the contract catering business

In the contract catering sector, Newrest is today one of the market leaders for canteen management in Greece. The subsidiary offers contract catering solutions including catering for special events and cocktails for various companies from banks to pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and clinics. In this context, Newrest Hellas serves about 2,000 meals per day.

With close to 10 years’ collaboration on average throughout its clients’ portfolio, Newrest upholds its position on the market as a strong and trusted partner.

Sectors of activity
Staff feeding

Many companies have entrusted the management of their staff feeding facility to Newrest. From multinational organizations to local businesses and from pharmaceutical companies to major banks, Newrest offers its products and services to its clients’ staff, visitors and collaborators.


Newrest’s versatility is further demonstrated through the services delivered to its healthcare clients. Taking the meaning of client service to the next level, Newrest was the pioneer in proposing an “à la carte” menu to patients.  In addition to managing the entire process from food production to patients’ room service, Newrest also offers its services to staff, managing the canteen or preparing food trays on order.

Educational bodies

Newrest’s collaboration with educational bodies is summarized in one sentence: a child or teen following a healthy and balanced diet increases its chances of physical and mental success while contributing to optimizing his overall health.


With the strong development of this activity the past four years, Newrest has become the main reference for its clients, handling events from small coffee breaks to VIP dinners. With a specially developed department and a separate set of recipes, the production team uses all its expertise to deliver high end products in both visual and gustative terms.

Our products

The quality of a final product always rests on the quality of its ingredients. It is for this reason that Newrest Hellas only chooses high quality raw materials whilst always respecting the food safety and hygiene standards.

The meats used are mainly fresh from a local and award winning supplier.

The fruits and vegetables are fresh and delivered on a daily basis.

The olive oil used is a Greek high quality extra virgin oil.

Newrest cooperates with certified pastry suppliers who deliver freshly sweets using “real” ingredients including butter, fresh cream and Valrhona chocolate.

Additionally, Newrest encourages the Greek production market by cooperating with local businesses like Farma Koukaki dairy products, Artemision organic walnut products, Aggelis bakery products and others.

Our people

Consideration and constant development of its human resources is a cornerstone of Newrest strategy. The respect of working conditions being a fundamental value, we are committed to social responsibility, local hiring, internal promotion and constant staff training. Newrest’s recruitment policy favours experience and dynamism, and encourages decision-making and entrepreneurial spirit.

Expert of inflight catering

Newrest Hellas has demonstrated its know-how in catering for inflight services as well as private flights. The Greek subsidiary operates eight production units on the mainland and the islands, based in Athens Chania, Corfu, Heraklio, Kos, Rhodes and Thessaloniki. Altogether and on a daily basis, these units produce around 30 000 meals in order to satisfy the demands of airline companies.

A global actor with a local know-how

Throughout its activity sectors, Newrest Hellas takes full advantage of the Group’s global know-how, the latter being one of the world leaders in terms of professional catering services. The Group deploys its expertise in terms of inflight catering over 74 airports worldwide, serving 593,000 meals per day. In the contract catering sector, Newrest offers its services daily to 455 local and international clients located in 26 countries and serving 186,000 meals.


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