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Since its founding, Newrest has expanded its activities geographically by entering lands that are ever farther away and more hazardous, and can now offer a full network in many countries.

Our staff have also gained new skills, both to enhance our processes and to better meet the needs of our customers. As the months passed, Newrest’s offering thus evolved fundamentally and now gives us standing as a reference in many new sectors.

Engineering for industrial projects

Assisting companies in the extractive sectors is part of Newrest’s DNA. Nothing could therefore be more natural than for us to contribute our expertise during the preparatory phases of major projects: designs for kitchens and restaurants, budget analyses, and support for local staff, among other things. All of these services come to form part of the assistance provided to the engineering staff of our future clients.

Client diversity

Newrest offers expertise first and foremost: we provide hotel management services, in the broadest sense, to anyone who has to work at mining sites, on oil platforms, and on huge construction projects. More recently, our staff have also provided their expertise to armed forces in circumstances that are increasingly complex but always under control.

Quality of life

Our line of business can no longer be characterized as merely preparing meals at a Remote site. Our customers and our guests now expect our staff to take charge of anything that enhances the quality of life where they reside. The Remote site concept has existed since the early 1960s, and it is no longer a surprise to anyone that such facilities exist at the farthest reaches of the earth. Every day of the year, our staff now ensure that our guests enjoy a level of comfort, an atmosphere and a responsiveness comparable to what anyone could experience in a more familiar environment.

Constantly online and interconnected, our guests benefit from the latest applications developed by Newrest staff to check menus or view events programming. At various locations, they can add their own review of our services at interactive terminals. They also can take part in activities organised by our staff, focused on topics everyone is familiar with, such as cooking contests.

All of this motivation can be put to good use since our professional staff working in the background have ensured that every operation is properly set up.

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Our vision of remote site management

Did you know?

Did you know that water doesn't always boil at 100 degrees Celsius? It all depends on the atmospheric pressure: at high altitudes - for example in many remote sites - it boils at a lower temperature because the air pressure is lower. This is a daily challenge for our quality assurance teams: Newrest makes every effort to ensure optimal hygiene conditions, even in atypical environments.

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