Newrest and sport

Sport is a central driving force behind all Newrest Group activities, and our employees. Sports keep us motivated and inspire us to push ourselves beyond our limits on a daily basis.

Newrest therefore organizes a number of both short- and long-term sports activities throughout the year, ranging from partnerships with elite athletes to participating in events both large and small. These athletic events set the pace for the day-to-day business at Newrest.

Partnership with the Toulouse Football Club

Since its creation, Newrest has been committed to the Toulouse Football Club, TFC. The club, based in the same city as Newrest’s operational headquarters, has been playing since 2003 in the first league of the French championship. In 2020, the club was relegated to Ligue 2 but did not lose hope and the will to win. In 2022, the Violets will move up to Ligue 1, always followed by its faithful group of supporters and its historical sponsors.

The team, which has had an exceptional sporting rise in the last few seasons, is for Newrest the symbol of the spirit of competition and the sporting fight.

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newrest and sport

One Team Unlimited Challenge

The One Team Unlimited Challenge, launched in September 2021, brings together Newrest employees from all over the world around sporting challenges. Indeed, sport conveys values such as surpassing oneself, team spirit and solidarity. The teams, composed at the initiative of the employees, have the possibility to bring a CSR dimension to their projects, as well as to show the beauty and diversity of their country.

Hiking, soccer tournament, dog sledding or reforestation, many challenges were realized this year. The essence of the One Team Unlimited Challenge is to gather as many people as possible around the values of sport and corporate cohesion.

newrest and sport

Riding to explore – A sporting challenge for the environment

Armelle Courtois, Wolrd’s vice-champion of kite surfing and Martin Thomas, Europe vice-champion of slalom canoeing, launched in 2020 the unusual challenge of kite surfing on the highest lakes in the world and put this sporting challenge at the service of environmental awareness.

After having climbed the Alps, they reached the highest peaks of the Andes and finally climbed the Himalayas. Newrest followed their adventure step by step and supported this project all around the world. They did it thanks to their motivation, passion, and taste for performance, which are values shared with Newrest. This superhuman performance is a great demonstration of how to surpass oneself in a hostile environment.

This challenge has several dimensions. Beyond the great sporting side, the ecological awareness is present. Through this extreme challenge they want to raise public awareness of the melting glaciers and the risk of privatization of water resources.

In order to share this extraordinary experience, a film was made. (Link to the movie trailer)

newrest and sport

Cap Optimist

The Cap Optimist expedition, a real challenge for the Waterwomen

6 waterwomen cross the Pacific Ocean on a paddle board with the strength of their arms to help children suffering from cancer. A journey of 8000km between Peru and Moorea in about 90 days. A crossing that has never been done on a paddle board, a real challenge for the paddlers.

This adventure aims to raise funds for the Hope Team East association, which supports children and teenagers suffering from cancer through sport. Newrest provides the necessary food resources for their entire journey and is proud to support them in this project.

newrest and sport

Tony Parker : Newrest’s new ambassador

Tony Parker, former NBA basketball champion, now a renowned entrepreneur, is committed to Newrest employees by becoming a brand ambassador for 3 years. He shares the values of performance, passion, and success with the group. Sport is at the heart of the group’s DNA, and Tony Parker wishes to convey these values to employees around the world.

He first went to the Atlanta and Houston units to congratulate the teams on their successful first season, while exchanging a few dribbles on the basketball court. Then, Tony Parker spoke to the top management at the strategic seminar in Paris in February 2023. He will embody all these ambitions towards “Performance Unlimited”.

newrest tony parker

Newrest employees and sport

In addition to physical health benefits, sport helps boost energy and encourages teamwork; for the Group, this is a slam dunk. Newrest therefore encourages its employees to participate regularly in physical activity and sporting events. To this end, a number of sports clubs have been formed in Newrest subsidiaries, such as the Newrest Wacasco cricket team in Oman or the Newrest volleyball team in the Netherlands, to mention just a few.

newrest and sport