Newrest and sport

Sport is a central driving force behind all Newrest Group activities, and our employees especially. Sports keep us motivated and inspire us to push ourselves beyond our limits on a daily basis.

Newrest therefore organizes a number of both short- and long-term sports activities throughout the year, ranging from partnerships with elite athletes to participating in events both large and small. These athletic events set the pace for the day-to-day business at Newrest.


Partnership with the TFC

Since its founding, Newrest has been committed to its partnership with the Toulouse Football Club. Based in the same city as the Group headquarters, the TFC has been playing in the French premier soccer league since 2003. The team has given an extraordinary performance the last few seasons, and serves as a symbol of Newrest’s competitive edge.

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Bande TFC 2021

Newrest employees and sport

In addition to physical health benefits, sport helps boost energy and encourages teamwork; for the Group, this is a slam dunk. Newrest therefore encourages its employees to participate regularly in physical activity and sporting events. To this end, a number of sports clubs have been formed in Newrest subsidiaries, such as the Newrest Wacasco cricket team in Oman or the Newrest volleyball team in the Netherlands, to mention just a few.