Responding to new consumer trends

Relying on the capabilities of our global production network, our historical multi-sector know-how developed in several activities enables us to respond to new consumer trends with dynamism and relevance.

Popular culinary know-how

Like the airlines, which call on our creativity and our know-how in food production under the best sanitary conditions, new players in corporate catering are also looking to employ our skills.
Thousands of meals are produced in recyclable packaging each week in France, satisfying the employees of a large number of companies at lunchtime.
The products are showcased on our customers’ e-commerce platforms. We deliver meals to the distribution hubs, which then organize delivery to the end consumer.

Tailor-made e-commerce for businesses

As a long-standing player in pre-ordered meals in the aviation sector, Newrest has been able to innovate in the rail sector with the deployment of the seated ordering since 2017. Anxious to keep up with the expectations of our customers, our Digital lab has developed an agile e-commerce platform which can adapt to the challenges faced by our customers and their employees.

A genuine marketplace which is specific to each company, our Order’eat solution offers pre-ordering to guarantee the availability of products at mealtimes, as well as ordering of catering services and, coming soon, a portal for reserving food baskets which are filled at the end of the service, to satisfy our customers after work and to reduce food waste.

Our agility lies in a strategic choice to develop relevant digital solutions on our own, and therefore be able to adapt them to changes in market trends as quickly as possible. More than 40 companies around the world have used this solution up to now.

This demonstrates the relevance of our solutions in the current context. The latest development being home deliveries to customers working from home in Costa Rica.

Creation of online catering concepts

Based on our experience in commercial catering, both in house and through franchising, our ambition is to take advantage of our production capacity within high density catchment areas and to create innovative catering concepts within well-known global e-commerce platforms.

This project is an opportunity to work across a number of segments and create genuine culinary experiences in line with current trends while focusing on our marketing and culinary know-how. Commercial marketing and meal distribution are the responsibility of these digital marketplaces. The relevance and popularity of these consumer experiences will provide opportunities for integrating them into our out-of-home catering offerings and may give rise to new commercial catering concepts.

The context of 2020 has shown how important it is for a group like Newrest to explore new avenues to apply its know-how, while being able to count on a wide range of applications through its production units on all continents.